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Manual Field Merge from Excel Spreadsheet

Question asked by Callum Quinn on Jun 13, 2019
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I have been looking through the forums for an answer to my issue however, am yet to discover anything that provides enough guidance, hoping someone may be able to help.


We need to send an email to clients informing them of changes to their logins. 


We will need to show each client individual information. Prior to having Marketo I would have just completed field merge in Campaign Monitor using a excel sheet. The data we need does not live in Salesforce and cannot be placed there.


So I am hoping there is a simplistic solution to field/mail merging information from a excel sheet into a email blast according to each person receiving it.






Account Name                      Current Email            Username             New Email

Default Business              John.Smith  


The copy in the EDM being:


Hi John,


Your current email {current email} will no longer work, please use your new unique email {New Email} and {Username} to login from now on.


Any help would great/