Daniel Martin

Discrepancy between Account Name and Company Name (and how we solved it) - SFDC & Marketo Integration

Discussion created by Daniel Martin on Jun 10, 2019
  • What was the issue?

We found out recently that when a synced SFDC Contact was filling out a Marketo form, and writing data in the field "Company Name", that new data input was being populated across every Contact within the same account, but only on a Marketo level.


In Salesforce, there was no change of Account Name (as intended), but in Marketo, every single Contact under that SFDC Account would have automatically this new data input as their Company Name, up to the point the Account was updated and synced back to Marketo, changing the field Company Name back to the original.


This was reported before by the community (a couple of examples, here and there, but there was no proper solution apart from waiting for the Account to be synced back to Marketo.


  • What was our approach?

Given the importance of a correct Account / Company Name for us (including referring to Company Name on several email tokens), we decided to create a quick-response solution to prevent by any chance that data to "overwrite" the Account Name. 


We created a Formula field in SFDC, under the Account Object, that would replicate the Account Name. That field would not be shown in any Page Layout, so effectively it was a "hidden field". We called this field "Account backup name". Then, we set up a triggered Smart Campaign, to check any Data Value Changes for Company Name where the new value is not the Account Name value given by this formula field (and obviously activating the trigger only for SFDC Contacts).

Step 1


If the Smart Campaign was triggered, it would simply revert back the Company Name to the actual Account Name, and that change would be applied to all synced Contacts under that account.


Step 2


  • Final thoughts

Our biggest fear was to exponentially increase Marketo's workload to a point that it would be noticed in the performance, but so far that is has not been the case. 


We are uncertain about whether this issue is also happening with the Microsoft Dynamics sync, but the solution's approach could be the same.


It may be a very simple solution, but it worked for us. We truly hope that this helps other Marketo users that were/are facing the same issue right now.