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Not able to access "Work Spaces & Partitions" - I am an ADMIN with full access | Support case getting closed immediately after creation

Question asked by Karan Hari Champion on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Karan Hari

Hello support team,


I am creating a support ticket for an issue I am facing but it is automatically showing up under closed cases. The issue I am facing is I do not have the option to create workspaces and Partitions in my instance. 



I am the Admin for my instance and we need to create a new workspace and lead partition for one of our business units.


I have created 2 cases for the same, but as soon as I create a case and click on submit, it is automatically showing up under closed cases. Additionally it is automatically changing the Priority level for the case. Below are the snapshot of the cases I created. Shouldn't the cases be showing under open cases till they are resolved, or even addressed?


I do not have access to the support space, hence posting this here. Wold appreciate if some on from the support team could check on this


Best Always,

Karan Hari


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