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    Assigning Leads to Partners by Form Fillout

      Situation: My company is presenting content (via whitepaper, webinar, etc) that our partners would like to advertise for. We are interested in having partners drive traffic (ie, leads) to our content/events, but the partners want to make sure (understandably so) that these leads that they drive to us get credited to them. They also want visibility into who/how many by way of our partner center. 

      Solution: Without having to create tracking URLs for every partner (and since that process is very manual), what is the best way to accomplish this? What hidden field(s) do we need to add to our form to best capture this information? Also, do we need to block fields so that existing leads/contacts in SFDC that may potentially already belong to a partner do not get overwritten? And finally, can we use this information to automatically populate partner fields on the lead in SFDC (using SFDC IDs) that will then allow visibility for partners in the partner center? (If the lead in SFDC has the SFDC alpha-numeric code for the partner assigned to it, then the partner can see that lead as being theirs.)

      I hope this makes sense. I've seen some comments in the community (below) that sort of address this, but I wanted to dig a little deeper and see if there are any fresh ideas out there for a best approach.

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          Josh Hill

          The answer is yes. Use url parameters and hidden fields on a single form+LP.
          •           fields - what do you want to track? usually Source, Offer, Partner Code, etc.
          •           Partner routing - how is this done - geo? company? Yes you can stamp the lead with the partner ID or Queue or something and route them properly.
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            Great, thanks Josh. For fields, we want to track source, or the partner website that brought them to the MKTO form+LP. I am not seeing a field during the form creation process that will accomplish this. I thought there was a Referring URL hidden field...? 

            For routing, if the Reseller Account field on the Lead page of the CRM contains the alpha-numeric partner ID, then that partner can see the lead and work it in their partner center. We want to have MKTO write that code to the lead upon form fillout, but I'm trying to figure out how to make that work. I wonder if a hidden field can identify the partner that referred the lead to that LP, and then just set up a trigger campaign that looks for a lead that is created as a result of X partner, which will then assign it that code in the CRM.