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How to stop Demographic Scoring re-AQLing our Leads?

Question asked by Luben Solev on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Maude Belanger

Hi all,


We have a triggered program that listens out for changes in the fields that we want to demo score on and if it detects any, it does the following:


1) Clear Demo Score

2) Set Person Score = Behaviour Score

3) Run separate Smart campaigns that will add to both the Demo and Person score points based on the Demo fields (Industry, Job Title Etc.)


This works fine, but it is causing negative impact on lead routing.


Our scoring is based on 100 points Person Score (made up of up to 40 for Demo and 60+ for behavioural) sends a lead to inside sales.


Whilst the demo re-scoring is takes place, the score can drop to below the 100 point mark and can then go back up again to over 100.  For these case, the router will re-route as though it is a brand new AQL and will send some email notification, much to the annoyance of the Lead Owner, as this person has not done anything new.


How do I enable triggered Demo scoring whilst not affecting rerouting upon AQL in such manner?


Thanks in advance for any advice you might provide.