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Defining acquisition, assigning to referring programs

Question asked by Cate Ufford on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Jay Jiang

When our Marketo instance was set up, we were advised to use the flow step to manually set the Acquisition Program like this:



I feel like the reasons for this are well documented in the community.


However, we also use this same strategy to re-assign a new AP for referring programs (i.e. online ads, social media, and third party promotions.) We have started to question this and would like some feedback about what others are doing with regard to Acquisition Program.


So for instance, if an Anonymous Lead clicks an online ad (Online Ad channel) to go to a landing page (Content channel) and fills out a form there, the AP is automatically set to the Content channel.


However, we currently re-assign that AP to the Online Ad channel by doing the following within the Online Ad program:


1 - Smart Campaign adds all clicks (both known and anon) to a static list.

2 - Smart Campaign listens for anyone from that list who fills out the form on the associated Content Program Landing Page (which would assign that Content program as their AP). It then does the following in the flow:



The reason we've started to question this is really centered on the definition of Acquisition. Can a program that doesn't collect any information (i.e. display ad, social media post) really BE an acquiring program? Should the program that collected the lead's information (in this example, the Content Program) remain as the rightful AP?


If the answer here is "the program who collected the contact info gets acquisition," then is there some other field or metric we should be looking to (i.e. Lead Source?) in order to understand which of those ungated programs are bringing in the most leads?