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Engagement Program or Not?

Question asked by 11740f30cabf32ae326cb8d39edbe3665fb5b14c on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by Kim Allen
I just watched the Engagement Engine course and I understand it can be a great tool to nurture leads through the lifecyle. But the course implies you have tons of content, suitable for different stages of nuturing.

In our case, we are marketing 6 different software products to a large database of cold, inactive, active, and engaged leads and also to existing customers. However we have only about 10 pieces of content for each product, and much of it will be used in emails to cold, inactive, or active leads. And while we might offer the same piece of content, I'd like to change the wording of the emails, i.e., "we haven't heard from you in awhile, here's an ebook" vs. "based on your recent interest in something, here's an ebook."

So having unique emails will create overhead in assuring we don't send the same ebook to a lead who's transitioned from one stream to another (based on lead score). I guess we could avoid this by keeping the emails standard and not cloning them, but it's not ideal for our needs.

In our situation, is the Engagement Engine and streams the way to go? Or should we stick to what we've been doing, which is standard drip programs. Anyone have similar experience?