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How do I setup with multi-faceted campaigns?

Question asked by 60307 on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by b5d282dfa29104d6debc5bc70d2ef1ae61ffedec
I love Marketo but not everything is clear to me. For example, we have a new campaign where we will send people in our database to a landing page, but we will also have online ads to send people to that same landing page as well.

Do I create separate Programs (Channels?) for each part? One Program is an Emal Blast program and that tracks deliverability, ctr's etc...? Then a different Program for the online ads that are pointing to that same Landing Page?

If so, how do I see the overall effectiveness of the campaign? I want to see how my database is doing compared to online ads, but I also want an overall view that can tell me how many new Prospects were brought in and how many known qualified contacts were engaged enough to also fill in the form.

Any insight is appreciated.