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Zoom and Marketo Integration

Question asked by Rachel Bryan on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Gursimran Chandhoke

Hi everyone!  I am looking at moving away from my current webinar provider to Zoom, and I would love some feedback from other Marketo + Zoom users. 


1. How quickly after a webinar is completed do the attendees/no-shows get passed to Marketo and Salesforce? Right now with our current provider it takes 4 hours after the webinar for our sales team to see that someone attended the webinar.

2. With zoom, how do you pass the questions asked in the webinar to the sales team? Is it just a spreadsheet you can share with them, or can the info pass from zoom to marketo?

3. Is the only thing you are able to score off of attendance? Or can you score off of people asking questions, answering polls in the webinar?

4. Are there any major challenges you have experienced?