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How do I track direct sales interactions in Salesforce and lead score them in Marketo?

Question asked by Samantha Hardeman on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Jay Jiang

I am starting from the ground up with my organizations' Marketo nurture program(s) and I'm trying to determine how to track the frequency of sales emails, calls, and various direct touchpoints from my RSMs. Currently, we track statuses, open rates, CTOs, website activity, etc., mostly from Marketo sourced emails and we score based on various automatic scoring methods. I'm trying to track those sales conversations made NOT through Marketo and assign a lead score; example, direct messages, unique sales sequences, and/or calls. The main goal is to understand how often a prospect/lead is being interacted with (better tracking), how effective those direct sales interactions are, and how to assign a lead score.


Any suggestions for methods or integrations?