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Setting up a new API integration with a Content Syndication vendor who insists on us using the SOAP API fields.  What can I do to set this up best without running into any problems down the road?

Question asked by Nancy Rosenthal on May 29, 2019
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Setting up an API Integration for Content Syndication.  They will be using a form ID, but they have specified we have to use SOAP API values, due to their backend processes already in place.  So, I have set up a Campaign to identify these incoming leads by fills out form, BUT there is no "Source" constraint? How can I pick up the source, like that in the Trigger: Person is Created?  I am including this trigger for the new leads, but need to figure out the best way to pick up the NOT net new leads coming into this campaign, bearing in mind we have lots of CS Vendors and lots of assets with each of these (download white paper, download how to, etc.)