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    Limit Salesforce Records on Initial Sync

      We are about to do our initial sync with Salesforce and we do not want all of the records. Our SF admin has restricted our Marketo sync user permissions based on Lead Owner.  However, he is not sure that is the best way to do this since that means the "real" lead owner will not have access to this lead anymore. (BTW...I am not very familiar with SF ;-) )

      What are some best practice ways to restrict Marketo access to certain records without implications like this?
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          Josh Hill
          You can do this by Record Type or by adding a field like "Do Not Sync" and making sure the Marketo User cannot see records where that is TRUE.

          That seems odd that the Marketo Sync user changes you noted would modify Lead Owner. I wonder what he did exactly. The User Profile should be able to "not see" leads owned by certain people.

          I would speak with Support to help your SFDC Admin design a better profile.
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            Not sure if I was completely clear on my question. But our SF admin was looking for an existing field to flag for Marketo permissions and chose Lead Owner. Personally, I dont know SF but common sense tells me this is not the best way and there must be another way to do this.

            He did not want to do "custom coding" though I would think adding a custom field for Marketo to use as the "permission flag" would be easy to do? Dont know.

            Just wondering how other companies filter out records for Marketo?