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How do I get all the leads, accounts and campaigns using Marketo REST api ?

Question asked by Suganya Jayaraman on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by Suganya Jayaraman

Hi Team,


I am developing the integration between Marketo and third-party application.


And, we are planning to integrate the Marketo Leads, Campaigns, Accounts and others to third party application and vice versa.


While analyzing the Marketo REST API document, we are facing some difficulties to get information about the below API.


  • Get all Leads API ( it will return all the leads in Marketo)
  • Get all Accounts API  ( it will return all the Accounts in Marketo).
  • Get all Campaigns API ( it will return all the Campaigns in Marketo).

So far, we can get the API for get lead by ID but not for getting all the leads in the Marketo and we are facing the same difficulties for Accounts and Campaigns.

Could anyone please guide us to resolve these queries.