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How to find the number of leads in your DB who haven't engaged in over a year?

Question asked by Tara D'Acci on May 24, 2019

Hey Marketo experts, I have a question about a series of smart lists I made in order to find out how many people in our Marketable segment, that are not B2B, have not engaged with the brand in over 1yr, and I just want to make sure my logic is correct. I also want to see engagement in 3 other time frames so I have a total of four lists. This is what I have set up. Not sure I'm trusting the numbers and I might be making this more complicated than it needs to be. I've gone down the rabbit hole and need help. 


Smart List 1 - B2C Marketable Engaged Within 90 days


Smart List 2 - B2C Marketable Engaged Between 90 to 180 days

Smart List 3 - B2C Marketable Engaged Between 180 days to 1 yr


Smart List 4 - B2C Marketable Unengaged - All Time (THIS IS THE ONE I'M NOT SURE ABOUT)