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Blacklist Remediation Question

Question asked by Zane Halstead on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Justin Buckner

Hi there! 


Last night we received a notification from Marketo that an email we sent out hit a Spam trap. I followed the instructions which were provided here on how to remedy the situation and removed 6 people that might have been the cause. 


I looked a little closer on the instructions and I wanted to see if someone could provide clarification on a specific step. On one step of the instructions it states: 


"Build an inactive Smart List using ALL filters

- Was sent email the day of and day before the spam trap hit (please contact for the date of the trap hit if you do not have this information already.)"


I interpreted this at two separate "Was sent email" filters, one for each date that was listed. But then I thought it could also be set up as one "Was sent email" filter but using the "between" date of activity option. *See Screenshot*. 


Does anyone know the correct set-up for this filter step?  I want to make sure that we identify the emails that might have caused the spam issue.