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Send and Track breaking Outlook Bookings links

Question asked by James Glavin on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by James Glavin

Hi all,

Our sales team uses the Marketo Send and Track feature to track Sales Emails through Marketo.


They often include a link to their Outlook Bookings calendar, so people can schedule a phone call with them.


We've just noticed that the Send and Track feature, when it adds Marketo tracking script to this link, breaks the link. 


Does anyone know why this would be and how to remedy this? Or is it possible to not track a specific individual link in an Outlook email sent through Send and Track?


FYI, this is what the Outlook Booking link looks like:


If you remove the mkt_tok parameters it works fine, but with it the link returns a Bad Request error.


Any advice gratefully received!