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Zapier > Marketo :: Create or Update Lead :: Cookies field format

Question asked by Jakub Kuba on May 22, 2019

I am trying to push leads into Marketo using a Zapier 'Create or Update Leads' action. While the creation of the leads itself is working great, the association with the anonymous people is not happening at all. I am using the 'Cookies' field  to send the cookie id value, but my leads are not being associated with their annon counterpart.

I am sending the id in following format: _mkt_trk = id:AAA-BBB-CCC&token:_mch-example-1531366223094-64745 (based on this thread).



Can you please advise whether this Zapier functionality is working or if I'm just sending the id in a bad format?


Thanks a lot, Jakub