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Integrating Linkedin Sales Navigator with Marketo

Question asked by Bogdan Moisa on May 21, 2019



I'm in charge of the sales enablement campaigns in my org and we run a Sales Navigator program for our sales reps. Since seats are in a limited number, we allocate them to people who have an SSI score above 50. The campaign sends them an invite email with a form asking them to enter their SSI score. If the score is over 50, they are accepted. If their score drops below 50, their license expires and they lose their seat. Currently, we do this manually, but I was looking into automating it. 


Is there a way to make an API REST call to Sales Navigator from Marketo to get profile data about our sales reps users? In this way, we would be able to see the SSI score of a user directly from Linkedin and not have to change it manually. 


I see that they have an API for Sales Nav: 


I don't know if it is possible to integrate it with Marketo though. 


Thank you for your help.