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Scoring Persons/Leads by Demographic Values - Can't Activate

Question asked by Liz Krause on May 17, 2019
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I'm fairly new to Marketo.  Trying to setup Scoring.  We do not have Sales Insights or Salesforce.    


I have an OP - Scoring - Demographic Program, but since it's based on demographics and not an action, I cannot use the Trigger for the Smart List step.   It does not give me an option for Activating this Smart Campaign.    


What I did in the meantime is to create triggers based off of Data Value Change.  However, since the data is already in Marketo, data such as Number of Employees or State will never "change" value since it exists already.  I'd like to run scoring on existing persons in the database, or at least on those in my recent email campaigns. 


Any suggestions?   

1. How to activate a Smart Campaign that is using filters not triggers for Demographic scoring

2. how to use Triggers (if that's the only way) on Data value Change when the data value already exists in the field.