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How to integrate Adwords with Marketo

Question asked by Nerea Eguia on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Hobie Thompson

Hello community! 


We are creating a campaign via Marketo that contains a Landing Page asset that we will be creating with Marketo Landing Page editor. This campaign will be supported with an Adwords campaign. 


We would like to integrate Adwords to Marketo to attribute leads to our Adwords activity and have that information stored in Marketo. Is this possible? 


I have searched this information in the community and I have found two threads: 


Marketo and Google Adwords Integration  


In this first thread, I get the impression that by Adding Adwords as a Launchpoint Service we solely get to send the offline conversions generated in Marketo to Adwords. 


Google AdWords and Revenue Tracking through Marketo 


I understand that this last thread would be our best choice right? However we would only get information about the revenue or cost. Not clicks, impressions etc. right? 


Thank you for your answer!