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Loading certain sections in Guided landing page

Question asked by Lara Krefski on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Dave Roberts

I have 2 questions. 


  1. My first question has to do with a video I watched with Dave Roberts from Digital Pi. I would like to know how they got the section names to display in the WYSIWIG editor, such as [MAIN] Section or [DEMO] 1.ContentName? 
  2. My master landing page template has 33 sections. I want to set up different types of landing pages that inherit from the one master template. Some examples would be one for Webinar, one for Promo, and one for Demo. Whenever I need a new Webinar landing page, I would then clone the Webinar Master Landing page to create a new webinar landing page, instead of creating a new one that inherits from the one master template used for all. My issue is that my Webinar Master Landing Page is always only going to use 7 of the 33 sections. I don't want to have all 33 sections load in the editor because it takes forever for the landing page to load so I can edit it. I would like to have only those 7 load and be able to be toggled on and off. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?


Thank you.