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How do I add/update contact on Marketo using a webhook

Question asked by Micah Baird on May 15, 2019

We have client data on Zoho and have setup a workflow where certain contact updates should trigger a webhook and pass client info to Marketo.


I have spent a few hours now trying to figure out the 'correct' way to create the URL for Zoho to POST to. I have been unable to find that information. I need to complete the webhook page on Zoho (image attached).


Here is the information I am passing via the POST URL webhook on Zoho:${Contacts.First Name}&lastName=${Contacts.Last Name}&email=${Contacts.Email}&Content-Type=application/json&action=createOnly&lookupField=email


Where "${Contacts.First Name}" will have "First Name", "${Contacts.Last Name}" will have "Last Name" and so on. Underlined is what I removed.


What am I missing here?