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Data Cleansing - Remove Dashes '-' from Mobile Number Field

Question asked by Jeremy Caverly on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Jeremy Caverly

I want to standardize my Mobile Number field to just the 10-digit of the phone number.


Is there a way to use two different Smart Campaigns?

  1. IF Mobile Number Contains '-'  >> Write "wrong" data value to a second "To-Be-Cleaned Phone" Custom Field for cleaning
  2. WHEN "To-Be-Cleaned Phone" Custom Field changes to something >> Write that data, minus the dashes '-' back to the Mobile Number field


Marketo Support suggested I do this by exporting a list, making the corrections in Excel and then re-importing with email address as the de-dupe field. I need this to be automated to ensure a Webhook call can run properly that depends on this Mobile Number field as a token and the POST endpoint only accepts the 10-digit number.


Any ideas of a potential solution that I'm not even aware of?