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Is there a better way to share On24 "seamless registration" link?

Question asked by Eston Martz on May 14, 2019

Hi Everyone - It's my first post, go easy on me!  Perhaps the wisdom and experience of the community has already found a solution for this, but I couldn't find it.  Here goes: 


We're integrating On24 for webinars with our Marketo instance, using the Launchpoint connector for "seamless" registration. This lets people register via Marketo form, then use only their email address to login to the webinar. 


But many people forward webinar confirmations (or calendar events) to colleagues or peers.  When they do, the people who get the forwarded invite either can't login, or must use the original invitee's email address.  In other words, they aren't automatically asked to provide their own email. 


As a workaround, we include a second link in confirmation emails, with an explanation to forward link #2 rather than the recipient's personal login link, but that's a pretty clunky experience.  It would be far preferable to somehow catch when a registration link has been forwarded and ask unrecognized individuals to complete a registration form.


Has anyone else encountered this, and solved it or found a more elegant workaround than including two links?