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Scheduling a program using REST api

Question asked by Nilesh Darji on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Jignesh Bhate



I am trying to schedule a program using REST api after cloning it using an API call. The update operation is successful but I don't see the start date populated on the front-end. Can programs be scheduled and sent out using REST API? 


Here is the end point I am using:

Here is the payload:



Here is the response I am getting:

"success": true,
"errors": [],
"requestId": "4d12#16ab8838dd6",
"warnings": [],
"result": [
"id": 2378,
"name": "HP_05.14.2019.6",
"description": "",
"createdAt": "2019-05-14T22:34:52Z+0000",
"updatedAt": "2019-05-14T22:34:52Z+0000",
"url": "",
"type": "Email",
"channel": "Email Send",
"folder": {
"type": "Folder",
"value": 3283,
"folderName": "100.HomeUnion"
"status": "unlocked",
"workspace": "Default",
"tags": [],
"costs": [
"startDate": "2019-05-14T05:00:00Z+0000",
"cost": 2000,
"note": ""