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Is Marketo-AdWords integration really recommended?

Question asked by Anuja Jadhav on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Shailendra Pratap

Hello All,


One of my colleague has requested for Marketo and AdWords integration to utilize Marketo's offline conversion data into AdWords to understand which clicks turned into a purchase.


I am struggling to understand bunch of things here:

1. What is offline conversion data? - My understanding is if someone placed an order by visiting the office or by calling a sales representative. These purchases will not have any online activity to it.

2. How can I view offline conversions data in Marketo? (I am new to Marketo - have never really used the platform but just researching about it for this task)

3. We have Salesforce as our primary source of purchase data. Hence I am assuming these transactions will be recorded in SFDC. So is it worth looking for this data in Marketo when it is already there in SFDC?

4. How helpful this integration really is?





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