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Issues with field types for a survey using Marketo Form and Landing page

Question asked by Katia Piton on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Katia Piton

Dear Marketo Experts,


I have done my first survey using a marketo form on a marketo landing page and I am experiencing some issues.... you might help or tell me if this is something I can improve : 

On the design side : 

- the Select field type is fixed/stuck : I would imagine that when someone hover over or click the select menu, the possibilities appear. Here, it already appears. Another thing : when I choose the answer, it is still fixed : I imagine that my selection would then appear alone. See image below.

- the Radio Buttons field type are not aligned with the text --> it's not nice and thus doesn't look professionnal... see below.


My survey test

Is it a bug or something I can improve on my side?


Last but not least, when I download the results, some of them do not appear in the Excel file... but I can see them in Marketo. Please note I edit the Default View to make the right columns to appear. 

I also notice that when the text is too long or separated by commas, and the repondant has commas in its text, it creates another lign in Excel... any tips to prevent that??


Many thanks Marketo Experts!!