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How to deal with an Event program type requiring a Waitlisted status?

Question asked by Hobie Thompson on May 9, 2019

I'm trying to get our channels set-up a bit more robustly, and I'm tweaking our 'Conference' channel. This channel is for shows/conferences/conventions we are exhibitors at. I'd like the setup to be akin to:


Pre-Event Email Received | 10

Pre-Registered | 20

Visited Event | 30

Visited Booth | 40

Converted at Booth | 40

No Show | 50


However, the Marketo Event program type requires a 'Waitlisted' status. As we are exhibitors, there is never a case we will waitlist someone that wants to visit our booth. 


I suppose the 'best' answer here is just to add a 'Waitlisted' status that is never used, but that just seemed a bit silly to me and I wanted to make sure there was nothing I was missing!


To clarify: I'm aligning these statuses with the statuses within the Campaign in SFDC, so I just want to try to keep all our data as clean, friendly, and reportable as possible, so an unsused status seemed a bit... impractical?