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Using Custom Activity api call based on user email

Question asked by Yaron Meiner on May 9, 2019

I'm using sendgrid to send transactional emails from our product and I want to have visibility for email opening and clicking in marketo as custom events.


I looked at the API documentation and I can do it but with a mediator API in the middle by:


1. Authenticate

2. Search for the email in marketo db and prioritize the best leadId.

3. Send activity to the leadId I found.




Send a form2 API call with the user information and create an activity out of the data in the form (I don't like this approach its noise in the log)


The problem that I am having that using the first approach is costly when it comes to API calls. Is there a way to base the API call on the user email and let marketo attach the activity to a person? 


It's basically the same way we trust marketo to dedupe when it comes to a form submission.