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How do you prevent one smart campaign triggering another due to data value changes?

Question asked by Barry Dupont on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Barry Dupont

Almost exactly a year we (hurriedly) did a few changes to our brand new Marketo instance, in working towards becoming GDPR compliant. One of the things we did was add a 'GDPR consent given' field (opt-in) to include on all forms.


We then created four campaigns to keep this field in sync with the unsubscribe fields as below:



This is the details of the first one, the others follow the same pattern:


A year on, and we are switching to a new instance, due to a change of CRM (don't ask). This has given me a chance to review these operational programs, and the first thing I notice is an issue where if one of the above campaigns is triggered, it then triggers another.


For example, in the above campaign. If the consent field is changed from false to true, it changes the unsubscribed field to false. All good. However, this then triggers the 'Unsubscribed: True -> False' campaign. As well as a waste of resource, this also changes the 'GDPR consent notes' field to an inaccurate value.


Now I'm a year into Marketo, having four campaigns to manage this seems very cumbersome, and I'm sure there must be a more efficient way.


So my questions are:


1) How do I prevent one campaign from triggering another?

2) Or, I assume a lot of others must have similar campaigns?  Is there a better approach altogether to solving this?

3) Grégoire Michel I saw your idea here: and upvoted it. In that post, you said "Of course, we can create the field and create some smart campaigns to sync it with the unsubscribe one." Would you be able to share some more detail on this?


Thanks all, in advance.