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Nurture program help!

Question asked by Kaitlyn Nelson on May 7, 2019

Hi there,


I'm a little stuck on what to do with this nurture that my client wants me to build for them. They want the leads to be MQL's and to have NOT recieved an email for 10 days before entering the program, but when I started to build the program, I'm not sure what attributes to implement. They gave me a templated program that they have used in the past and it's not an engagement program (usually I would add that the smart list so they are succesfully added to a program and so they are now "in"). How should I go about adding them to this program? Is it as simple as what I have put in the smart list? They need to be marked in the system as going through this nurture program so how would I do that?


I hope my question made sense!! Please see picture below. Any information is helpful! I'm sort of new to nurtures.Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.27.06 AM.png Thank you