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    Is Learn Marketo up to date?

      I watched the first video about sending an email and then tried the step-by-step instructions but my software is not set up the same way. 
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          Valerie Armstrong
          Hi Catherine,

          I recently went through the Foundations On-Demand videos and found some of the content outdated and sometimes not relevant to certain Marketo subscription (which is usually stated in the videos when they demo the feature).  If you have access to the Learning Passort, that content may be more relevant if you are working in a system with the new features/UI.

          Here is a link to the discussion about Marketo Learning Passport: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PtW2AAK
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            The Learning Passport content was just loaded onto the site -- so it should be up-to-date. I will take a look at the Foundation's content.
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              Ok so is it possible that our version of Marketo is old? I don't have the really cool Control Panel view! Something isn't matching up....

              I was looking at:



              Basics 1: New to Marketo
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                     Hi Catherine,

                     Did you create a program of the Type "Email Program" rather than default, event or engagement?  This would give you the Control Panel that you see in the community article you referenced.  Some of the other screens may look different as we are in the process of rolling out a new look and feel across the app.  The rollout is in progress and we will be finished in another week.  I apologize if this has caused some confusion for you.



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                  When i try to select "Email" at that point it grays out my "channel" chocies and i am unable to continue. So I ony had the option of chooinsg "Email blast".

                  So is the issue due to the way Marketo is set up here? The person who was adminstering it is no longer here and I am a new user.

                  Thanks fro trying to help me out!