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Austin Marketo User Group Meetup today!!!

Question asked by Anthony Figgins on May 2, 2019

Hello all,


Boy does time fly. We are already in May of 2019 and a month has already passed since the Adobe Summit. As always, we are meeting the first Thursday of the month, and that is TODAY. I am super excited to see all of you and talk shop. Remember to register here: [LINK]


Today I wanted to take a look at the Marketo certification program and review it with the group. Rumors say it will be changing soon so the sooner you get certified the better. The plan would be to review the program, why you should get certified, what is covered in the test and finally, start a group to help others get certified.

I have a course plan I would like to review that helps you review all the needed areas in a regular schedule with topics you need to learn. I would love to schedule these out see how many certifications we can get through the system. I am working with Marketo to see if I can get a discount on the certification by going through this program. We will see what I can make happen.


For those of you that are certified, I welcome you to come and share your knowledge along with some food and drinks. I know the group wants to hear from our local experts and your assistance will be needed.


Once again I am looking forward to seeing you all this evening and please feel free to reach out to me for any questions.




Anthony Figgins - Austin Marketo User Group Leader