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Using Multiple Partitions Under One Workspace

Question asked by Jared Kimball on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by Josh Hill

Currently, our business is setup with a 1:1 ratio of workspace:partition.


However, pulling reports on all of our brands is extremely time consuming in this current configuration and there are a couple of other reasons why we are struggling with this configuration.


I'm trying to test a method to switch our configuration to a 1:x or workspace:many partitions without disrupting the business campaigns and processes. All while trying to prove out the model to see if it will be a solid solution that we could focus on for the next 6 months after we have a proof of concept.


What do you think of this idea/test?


  1. I'll setup a single workspace called "Membership Marketing" and place two of our brand partitions under that workspace
  2. Create two different brand folders under this workspace like
    • Brand A
      • Nurture Campaigns
      • Trigger Campaigns
      • Recycle Campaigns
    • Brand B
      • Nurture Campaigns
      • Trigger Campaigns
      • Recycle Campaigns
  3. Create a couple of test campaigns under each brand and then test functionality/results i.e. pulling reports, using segmentations, and etc.
  4. Evaluate if it will meet the business needs more effectively all while helping our marketing team be more efficient at the same time


Does that seem like a pretty good way to test something like this out?