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Marketo Form Fills Going To Junk/Spam Folder

Question asked by Carly Bacak on May 2, 2019
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Here the deal - We have a form on one of our sites - the email alert we (the company) gets when the form gets filled out is from the user who filled out the form. Great! However, we are getting a few here at there that are going straight to the junk/spam folder. This is not great as we want these leads to go to our inbox - not spam - in order to get them taken care of quickly. It seems as if the "spam" filter doesn't like the names and email addresses that come through causing it to go to spam. As we have legitimate form fills that are from not common names. Here is what the form looks like when we built it.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? Is it as easy as taking the "spam" filter off the form? Or should we have our email alert emails sent from us not the person who filled out the form?


Thank you for your help!