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Export smart campaigns - filter by fields modified

Question asked by Victor Herrero on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Victor Herrero



The moment I learned about the Campaign Inspector I was thrilled, but only for a short time...


It has been a very useful tool for me for trouble-shooting, since I inherited someone else's instance and I don't know where things are or where changes happen.

Campaign Inspector sounded like THE tool to solve this for me. However, I was soon disappointed with the following:


I can filter my campaigns by campaigns that contain "Data value changes" or "Change data value" in their filter or flow steps, but, it won't tell me which data (field) is being updated...


So the tool is almost fantastic.


Has anybody figured out a way of searching for all smart campaigns that affect a specific field? (Other than relying on great and consistent naming conventions and / or cheching each "change data value" campaign in the instance)