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Progressive Profiling Unspecified & pURLs

Question asked by Jen Flom on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Jen Flom

I am working on a campaign where we are sending out a direct mail piece with pURLs associated with it. Not everyone who is on the list to have a unique pURL has an email address associated with them. The intent of the campaign is to get the lead to their unique landing page and begin asking a series of questions. The sales team wants insight into whether or not someone visits their pURL, answers one question and leaves, two questions and leaves and so on. To do this, I have mapped out a series of landing pages with one question per form. I was hoping to utilize progressive profiling to be able to tie those who don't initially have an email address associated with pURL back to the original record. In progressive profiling, I am asking for email, first name and last name.


When testing, once someone enters in an email address, a new record is being created in my database. I also wanted to obtain their name so we could manually merge the records together. Not ideal, but I'm not sure of a way around that without an initial email. Where I am running into an issue is when the email address is collected and the user moves on to question #2 where they would potentially enter their first and last name, last name is not an option because Marketo is automatically populating the last name field with Unspecified. Is there a way around this field being auto populated with Unspecified? Or perhaps another way that I would be able to tie the record with the pURL back to the same record once we obtain their email address?