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What is "Marketo Engage"?

Question asked by Jeff Smith on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Badsah Mukherji

For those who attended the Adobe Summit this year, the phrase "Marketo Engage" kept getting thrown around when talking about the platform itself. I was waiting for some kind of introduction to the new nomenclature and why "Engage" was needed, and maybe I missed it, but I eventually asked my CSM in person at Summit. The answer was vague and brushed off as simply synonymous with "Marketo" (when talking about the tool/platform). I haven't heard any lay users actually refer to it this way. My guess is the leadership is trying to get everyone accustomed to the word "engage" so that it won't be as big of a shock when Adobe changes the product to Adobe Engage. Going from Marketo to Adobe Engage is a bigger jolt than going from Marketo Engage to Adobe Engage. Is there more to this that I didn't hear about?