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Lead Scoring and Advanced Workflows

Question asked by 39890 on Jun 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by 39890
Here is the process I am trying to enable.

If someone is over a lead score, then cheange the lead status, and that will sed to sales.   So I set up a trigger for lead score changed and new score is over limit, then the flow changes the status.   Piece of cake.

The problem is what happens if the lead is under the score.

If the lead score changes, and it is under the score limit, then I want to wait 2 days and send a follw-up mail.   But that follow-up mail will be specific to the kind of program that caused the lead score to change.  Seems pretty straight forward, but I canot get it to work.  Spent an hour on the phone withh marketo also.

In the smart list, I tried to use a trigger for "program changed" and success true.  Then also had a filter for lead score is below a number.   the problem is when the change in program status puts the lead over the score limit.   When someone is added to a program, the first thing that runs is the trigger runs and it looks at the lead score at the same time.   But there is some latency on the lead score.  So the smartlist is not looking at the current lead socre.  Problem.

Then I tried to use a trigger of "lead score changed" and the new score is under the limit.   But there is no condition in the lead score was changed trigger that allows be to assign a reason for the change.  I can use how much the score change value was, but then i would need different lead scores for every program.  Not scalable.   I thought about using priority, but that is nothing that allows me to set a change in priority.  it is just an overall value.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Seems like a pretty strightforward and common thing to want.