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Is there a creative way to Include and Exclude Field Values that are within Other Field Values?

Question asked by Danielle Chan on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Danielle Chan

So here's the situation:

  1. Our Contact Type field can have many values in it. Some of those values are
    1. Primary Contact
    2. ABC Primary Contact
    3. XYZ Primary Contact
  2. It is possible for a record to have 1 or more of these Contact Types
  3. I need to send an email to anyone who has Contact Type that contains Primary Contact, BUT NOT people who are XYZ Primary Contact or ABC Primary Contact and do not have Primary Contact.
    1. Yes, I thought I could technically do that by
      1. Contact Type contains Primary Contact AND Contact Type not contains XYZ;ABC
        1. BUT then the people who have Contact Types Primary Contact and XYZ Primary Contact would be excluded. We would want these people included in my mailing


I hope you were able to follow along. Hoping someone has an idea they can share on how to achieve this.