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New website lead form

Question asked by Anna Flynn on Apr 16, 2019
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We are trying to set up forms for reps to check if a lead has already been created / assigned to an owner already. We use both salesforce and marketo and have a big problem with duplicates and need to make sure once a lead is created the rep is kept with them.


We have the forms made however unable to find the functionality to say 'if already has sales owner' and adding fields has proven to not be possible for marketo.


When submit button is pressed and lead is sent to Marketo we need feedback on the page. 

      3a. So if a lead already exists in Salesforce and belongs to someone else = "Lead not created. Lead already exists and belongs to another rep."

      3b. If lead exists in SF and belongs to the same user "Lead already exists in Salesforce and belongs to you, search for lead in Salesforce"

      3c. If lead exists in Marketo but not in SF, the lead should added and pushed to SF using existing 'Send to SF flow' and message displayed on page "Lead created in Salesforce"

      3d. Lead is new and creates successfully "Lead created in Salesforce"


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,