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Smart list membership status incomplete

Question asked by Katja Keesom on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Katja Keesom

Hi all,


Hope someone can answer this one. I have a live event where people can become members through an email invitation, but also from social channels and organic traffic to the subscription page. I have created a smart list to show all people with status Registered (Member of program, specified program name, added constraint on Program status). For some strange reason this list only shows people who have gone through the Invited status. Anyone who went straight to Registered status as they did not receive an invitation email is not shown in the result of the smart list. If I remove the constraint on program status I get the exact amount of people who received the invite, so people who became campaign members by registering from a different source are not shown.


In the Members tab at program level all people are visible. Any ideas how I can have the people from other sources shown in the smart list?


Thank you!