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Moving from a Batch Send to a Triggered Send for A|B Subject Line Test

Question asked by Nathan Riggan on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Nicholas Hajdin

We currently have a batch send email program running a series of emails and only the first email has been sent. We now want to A|B Subject Line test the remaining emails. Understanding that this can only occur within a Triggered campaign and not a Batch Send, what is the best way to set this up? Do we need to:
A) Create a new Trigger based Smart Campaign using the Email is Delivered trigger and delete the batch send smart campaign?
B) Remove the current filters from the Smart List and replace them with the Email is Delivered trigger?
C) Other Options?


I have already created the Subject Line test for the remaining emails. If we go with option A and use the Champion/Challenger emails, how do we ensure we are moving over the correct people from the Batch Send to the Triggered Campaign? If we go with option B, do we need to replace the current emails in the flow with the new Champion/Challenger emails?


If you have a better solution for this please let me know!