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Can you maintain string field data to a series of check boxes using smart campaigns?

Question asked by Barry Dupont on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Barry Dupont

Hi everyone,

Here's what we are trying to achieve:

We are integrating Marketo with a custom CRM and I'm creating a data dictionary for all the field mappings. In the CRM we have an 'Industry' field. On the UI of the CRM it is a multi-select box (as our customers often operate in multiple industries), in the database it is a string field, which each value separated by a tilde.

Once integrated with Marketo, we want customers to be able to update these values using Marketo forms, as well as the CRM being able to update it with new values set by the salespeople. However, in Marketo forms, I'd rather not present users with a text field and expect them to enter tilde separated industry names..........!

So, is there a way that if I create multiple checkbox fields in Marketo for each industry, that our customers can interact with these on the forms, and then use smart campaigns maintain the string or formula field in Marketo.

Or, is there an even better approach? (like not having to add and maintain multiple industry fields, which seems manual and will need maintenance). I assume it could be done at form level using js, but we don't have the expertise in house to do this yet, so I'm hoping for a solution that we can do using standard functionality.

I'm sure that I've read about this issue in the community before, but after searching for a while couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

Many thanks in advance.