Grégoire Michel

Important Change to form Prefill

Discussion created by Grégoire Michel on Apr 11, 2019

I suppose most of you have seen the warning about form prefill when login in to Marketo today. If you have not read the related article, you should do it as it has a major impact on one of the most used feature in Marketo...


Honestly, I am surprised by the suddenness of the announcement. Has any of you been warned ? Obviously, the issues with prefill on computers that are shared or when people forward emails to each other have been known for a long time. But yet, why such a sudden change with such a short notice ? I suspect there are some legal concerns behind this, a far consequence of the GDPR and similar regulations, as all actors in the chain might become liable in case of data theft.


if you want to keep getting the same behavior as before, it will be time for everyone to master Sanford Whiteman's technique described here : as it will become necessary on Marketo landing pages as well.


- Greg