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    First Touch and Multi Touch

      I was wondering if someone could help with this? I am looking for a field that will flag the Revenue Won from a First Touch or Multi Touch Lead Revenue Won to be pulled into Birst through the Marketo API?

      The Program/Channel Analyzer has fields available labeled (FT) Revenue Won and (MT) Revenue Won. Looking through the help files all I was able to find was the definition and explanations of the difference between a First Touch and Multi Touch Lead. 
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          Josh Hill
          Hi Mark,

          Can you clarify the question?

          First Touch is the information from the first time the lead entered the system.
          Multi-touch is the history of touches from the programs the lead went through. This isn't a field as much of list of Programs and how Marketo distributed revenue across them.
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            Thanks for the response Josh. 

            What is the calculation being used to generate the (FT) Revenue Won and (MT) Revenue Won?
            Also, what columns would these be mapped to when extracting the data through the API? and What object(s) need to be extracted in order to have this data available? (say in Birst)