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Drip and Nurture - loyalty program and email series

Question asked by Lizzie Boyes on Apr 10, 2019
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Hi there,


Would love someones advise on the below:

I am creating an engagement drip and nurture program for Clevels.


  • Existing database - We want to target only C-level job titles in our database with two emails (reactivating them) and then dropping them into the Email series (This is basically a campaign around CIO's which will continue throughout the whole year - cadence will be to release every 5-6 weeks)
  • There will be a 'Non responder' email for the 001 - reactivation emails - these will go out two weeks afterwards - ISR's (Inside sales reps) will follow up with these
  • Content syndication - I am working with 2 outside vendors who will supply me with leads from target accounts and adding them to the 'Welcome' email and then adding transition rules to add them to the email series. How do you propose I do this? How do you add transition rules so that it is automated for when someone reaches a certain lead score or behaviour so they move to a particular stream?
  • For the welcome stream do you think there should be more than just one email? before chucking them into the 'Email Series' for clevels?
  • For the Existing database stream - any leads will be followed up with by the ISRs for the non-responder email but for the
  • 'Email Series' the follow up with be done personally by a regional sales director or Senior Account leader, NOT a regular sales exec since this audience is very niche - this is for the follow up - question is, for the lead queue where do they end up so it only goes to a certain sales person?
  • We are running our own business run events specifically for this drip and nurture topic but also have a booth at publicly run events from June - Feb 2020 so since I created the events to sit outside of this drip and nurture engagement program - would you suggest you don't send out email invites from 'THIS' drip and nurture engagement program and instead send 'promo invite teasers' at the bottom of the emails, e.g. a banner promo at the bottom of C Level email series or the 'Welcome and onboarding'? I just dont think this is the purpose of a drip and nurture engagement program to be sending one of invites as part of a stream to an event - it should be a banner at the bottom where you are crosselling it alongside thought leadership content.How would you ensure the people in 'Email Series' stream got invited to the events?
  • End goal - Judging on the performance of the 'Email Series' (since it only goes out every 5-6 weeks) we would like to take existing customers and put them through a loyalty program for expansion - How would you set this up? Would you create an entirely different drip and nurture engagement program separate from this one? or would you keep it in this stream?