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Drip and Nurture - Transition rules between streams

Question asked by Lizzie Boyes on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Nick Donaldson

Hi there,


I have recently created an engagement drip and nurture program.for our developers.Currently active right now is one stream, where new leads get added to the program when the email is released.

So far the:

1. first email was an introduction to our developer website

2. Second email is for users to download a free trial with links to the website,

3.Third email is an educational email for training and certification and then

4. the fourth email is for them to sign up to our monthly newsletter of that developer program


As you can see below there are three other streams.

Fast Behaviour Score Stream - I will be adding thought leadership content (rather than salesy content although we want to get them to attend events or be guided towards conversations with other devs at these events for them to maybe consider using our software and asking their main decision maker for why they should get it) for active Developer users based on behaviour score - How do most people do this in terms of MQL or lead score or does it vary company to company?

Slow Behaviour Score - Add content for slow active users who aren't quite ready yet - this content would be Educational value rather than selling our main product - Only dev ‘tech’ Content.would be a cadence of every 5 weeks - with 6 emails?

Met Goal - The end goal us to move people who have met the goal criteria. It may be MQL, a certain lead score, or level of engagement - How can I do this based on transition rules and working with sales? How should sales we involved in this whole process?


For transitions between streams, I would probably prefer an outside smart campaign with the flow step of 'change engagement program stream' as this allows you to run a batch whereas transition rules require a trigger. But how does this work with lead scoring or level of engagement?


How do you add transition rules so that it is automated for when someone reaches a certain lead score or behaviour so they move to a particular stream? When do you typically remove someone from the program or when would you move them to my 'Met goal' stream? When sales close the deal?