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Workfront Proofing for Marketo Emails

Question asked by Jamie Robertson on Apr 10, 2019

Could some share their process for Workfront proofing for Marketo Emails? We currently upload a screenshot of the From Name, From Address, Reply To, and Subject Line as a PNG and we use the view in webpage from a sample test as the email linked in the proof. Once we create the proof in Marketo we have a flow process of approvers (buddy proofer and the final approver) and they make comments on changes. We are not using interactive proofs and when we make a change in the email it is reflected in the proof if they hit the arrow out to a new tab and view the email in the browser. The edits are not reflected in the proof though.. Curious what others process is for reviewing email proofs in Workfront?


Also, we have not integrated Marketo with Workfront, if someone has done this please share your thoughts on it.