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    List totals

      I have 1160 people on a list, but then I load this list into Marketo and I have 1149 with 40 blocked and 13 failed (due to being in another workspace). This would total 1202 leads (1149+40+13), which is higher than the total list that I imported. How can that be?
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          Does it give a reason for "blocked"? 

          If blocked because they are existing leads not being updated, the effect will be to not import them but to still add the existing leads to your list. So the 40 blocked leads would be part of the 1149 you end up with (the rest presumably being new names). 

          1149 + your 13 failed = 1162 which is still different than your original 1160 but not by a lot. 

          I have little experience with workspaces myself so not sure how imports are handled in these cases, but some comfort that you may not be off by as much as you think.